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Our mission is to help eliminate unidentified fixing failures.

The launch of ais follows our first-hand multi-sector experiences of the far-reaching problems that fixing failures cause, including reduction in profits, loss of revenue and increased risk exposure.

Our technology identifies fixing cracks, failure and beyond-threshold wear. It reduces dependency on physical inspections and facilitates preventative maintenance to reduce premature part replacement.

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Above: Operations Director, Calvin Anstee; Commercial Manager, Ceri Anstee; Managing Director, Craig Anstee



ais technology can be tailored to replace standard fixings in any sector, including but not limited to transport, construction, plant and machinery, energy and mining.

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All products are designed and made in Great Britain, to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Research and Development

We are open to all research and development opportunities and are currently engaged with the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE), as well as being part of the 2024 ORE Launch academy cohort.

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Above: Anstee Indication Systems, one of 10 companies selected for the 2024 ORE Launch Academy. Photo credit: ORE Catapult




Above: Collaborating with BCREE at the UK Rail Research and Innovation Network at the University of Birmingham allows a greater understanding of the benefits of the Smart Bolt to the rail sector.

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